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i woke and thought what is this stuff that i am seeing, furthermore when I arose and smelt the air i thought yes that certainly contains some nitrogen albeit just a pinch. inhaling deeply was not an option until the truth had been permeated, so could i not just touch? apparently that was not an option. i saw you and i thought you were a cunt but in retrospect i think you're alright now, even though you wore retro clothes in some fuckwit manner. what matters aint the tatters but just how much of a fishy odour was emanating from my armpits. granted I ate some fish and chips an hour or two ago but it wasn't that kind of fish smell, i mean they said it was cod in the shop but i do have some reservations about that, whereas the aromatic aspect of the arm-to-torso attrition was more of a pike family scent. and what is in the pit does not stink of what was in the batter. anyways i do fuck around with this shit so i will just get to the point and divert any attention for the matters in hand to the matters that fell out of the prime minister's hand at some nondescript point in time over the last ten years. of course that could be several guys under the guise but then you do finally reach the counter in the pet shop and they look at you like 'what the fuck' when you ask for a purple rabbit food container. i mean they were there behind the counter next to them! It certainly was a them, because although it looked like one person my flailing retinas proposed that there were two. unlikely, but i still asked them for a job to which they averted the topic of conversation. the gabber was just too much so i went outside and put my headphones in which already were playing Tiesto. could not and would not handle the breakdown at a point approximately 61.8034 percent through. platinum geezers couldnt even take it, let alone the drum 'n' bass disk jockey that was in the pub. sometimes you just have to put on the Lighthouse Family and let it be, but not this time. that fucking album had beat been on repeat since my sister got married and the lyrics are certainly my holy scripture. I hate that.

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