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define being precocious
define being preemptive

while (continuum can be perceived) {
    do expectation as considered purely
    spectate with mild diction
    ebb out
    switch South
    (nightly when not otherwise indisposed)
    if (it is not applicably comparative) {
        then make exit pastily
    } else {
        load onward craters filled
    prepare statement of the one true chief
    execute by the hand of all others
    retire unwilling treads lightly

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The old guy
across the train carriage from
my sorry ass
looks like an old French teacher
I had just previously this evening
referred to. Delusions perhaps or
Don't quite feel so sorry for my ass
any more
because he was a fucking dickhead
snarled his moustache in
my general direction
because he thought I wanted
to imitate, maybe
I should be grateful of the fucking dickhead
now any way
but his dress is more
colourful that mine
and I try to go back
to my own sorry ass
as it's the only ass
and I'm the only fucking dickhead
I should care about
and I know little French

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