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Story or not, you take a chance and use my inbox. I have a bisexual friend looking for a for a boy and a girl to play with...any info I can fwd him? I guess he is too shy and thinks he is too marginal to ask himself so here is a ball I am willing to kick for him, he has such nice attributes...and if you are thinking dudes...i have moved on way passsed that - a long time ago I experimented and I know what I want so to the rest of ya...YAAAWWWWWNNNN I offered to tie him up, little did he know, that was all I was going to do, keep him there for hours while reading a book. He's a smoker, just imagine the begging! But help a fella in need, it might be less of a YAAAAWWWNNN for him. to be precise...It's in mauritius so, send your pic (from gaydar or whatever), your likes and dislikes and see if he offers you a room in his house. Inbox me and I will fwd you onto him. He might get back to you. He is a wonderful person, loads of music, loads of thinking, loads and loads of good things. What of the Polyamorous community here? Any baits there? he is a unicorn you might be looking for.

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