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your relative('s) perception cunted me right out. i didnot know what to speak upon when they all arrived potentially seated around your grain or some other sloshy bit while something like Prince of Alarea was playing on the radio. I cunt heard but i saw the frequency and dint knowwhat to think . . . it was off the scale at 123 fm volts. i spoke to one of them burr was a bit hard tea breath!! cunt know what to do then.. walked back to where it had all began and ate a packet of crisps. all broken and in bits they were when they went in my mouth and i had to look to see if the crisps were broken into little bits in the bag or just when they went in my mouth because i couldnot tell. i was pouring the packet insides in my inside mouth bit. waited when i found out but didnot telephone the service straight away. when i came out though it was sunny so i thought what the fuck!!! some kind of day like that. but itis still that day and i wanted to put something out as well as the rubbish so as i was flush as always i thought nice one iwill buy a rabbit. couldnot have picked a worser time though because all the marks were pointing in the wrong direction and waiting wasnot no real option to stop it all. so no problem then said the postman as he left the package.

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