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I would rather proffer my own life to the autonomous unknown than sacrifice the lack of fatalism in my life. The day the energy and determination to be an individual ceases, is the day a man really dies. Even those physically spent can retain a little mental vitality, if it was there to begin with. Some jump prematurely, but the top floor never quite is what it seems, given the construction is truly eternal.

These few self-formulated sentences were what helped me through the hard times of determining the righteous. My inquisition was far from over, but often I felt the comfort envelope my perception and temporarily dry the tear ducts feeding my tired, damned eyes. To commit oneself to a life of judgementalism and bigotry is not hard to pursue if one is already of such an inclination. For me and the others however, it is life's quest, for imposing oneself as a carnal burden has the prerequisite of intention to action.

My ramblings may sound like that of a mad man, but I must transduce emotion to word, furthermore promotion of such transduction is justification of the very word itself. Conclusive but elementary.

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